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A.L.C.O is a product and service company based     out of North Carolina. We have been in business for over 20 years and service restaurants, schools, medical facilities, prisons and more. Our primary function is to help our customers adhere to their local regulatory requirements while also helping them prevent the spread of disease and viruses through the use of our Cleaning Products. The geographical areas we currently service consists of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, West Virginia and Tennessee. 

Our expertise in School Nutrition has earned us the respect and trust of Schools in nearly every county in North Carolina and South Carolina. Our School Nutrition staff is experienced, courteous, and proficient in all aspects of maintaining a clean and safe cafeteria. From School Nutrition budgets to schedules, we have over 20-years, experience, servicing schools. 


What sets us apart from our competition is one thing. . . Our customers are not just numbers. 

They become our friends! 


We may not always be the first company our customers have chosen, but once they discover and experience first-hand. . . the great service we provide, our amazing staff and reasonable pricing, they can’t help but ask themselves. . . why didn’t I call A.L.C.O. first?


Our goal and mission is simple:

Service our customers for the next 150 years by providing them with upscale services with downscaled prices. Treat them as if they are close personal friends and build a life-long relationship with them. Be transparent, always respect them and each day we add another customer to our family, remember where our roots began. 




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